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"Both sessions with Syncy have been excellent. They helped to get us where we are today."
Gordon Ebanks - Founder of Oaklo
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Syncy has helped me find the right prospects to talk to. As a result of this I was able to get intros and find more people to talk to and that helped me understand what the market wants!
Mustafa Assaad  -  Founder of Hadaro
The meeting was great! Thanks for connecting us! You're onto something really valuable and helpful. I'd love to connect with more target users through Syncy.
Mona Haraty  -  Founder of JoySchooler
I had a fantastic conversation surrounding my background and how to cultivate business growth through partnerships alongside a highly-curated network of peers. The conversation was rich and honest - on how to get as many 'small' wins as you can every single day. I hope to continue our  conversation and continue to be a sounding board for each other in the future.
Jim Bischofberger  -  Project Manager