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It's hard to get conversations with target users to validate your startup idea. Book a call with a target user and learn what they really want you to build.



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"Both sessions with Syncy have been excellent. They helped to get us where we are today."
Gordon Ebanks - Founder of Oaklo
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Our target users come from esteemed Institutions

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Learn directly from your target user whether you correctly understand their problems and whether your solution could meet their needs.

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Pitch top Influencers to spread the word about your startup to their audiences and grow at light speed.

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Level up your startup's sales game and get sales coaching, advice, and mentorship from experienced sales experts.

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Syncy Turbo Packs

We will source users that match your criteria as part of our Turbo packs.

You describe the profile of your target users: job description, education, location, etc.  
We recruit a sample of users who match your target description onto the Syncy platform.
You book calls with each user at a time of your convenience

Money Back guarantee

All call bookings come with the standard Syncy money-back guarantee if for any reason the calls do not meet your expectations.

We love talking to customers, and you should too.  If we ever fail to deliver delightful service, let us know so we can make it right.

Free  Customer Discovery consultation

In this consultation we will map out a strategy for you to ensure you get the most out of your user calls, drawing on the lessons from customer discovery experts including Paul Graham, Rob Fitzpatrick (author of The Mom Test), Eric Ries, and Steve Blank.

Syncy is simple, fast, fun

End “spray and pray”
Stop wasting your time sending cold emails and LinkedIn messages to strangers.
Book in two minutes
Get an appointment on the calendar with no scheduling headaches.
Get deep feedback
Meet over Zoom for a half-hour sync to learn directly from your user whether you correctly understand their problems and whether their solution could meet their needs.

Hear what teams around the world saying about Syncy.

Syncy has helped me find the right prospects to talk to. As a result of this I was able to get intros and find more people to talk to and that helped me understand what the market wants!
Mustafa Assaad  -  Founder of Hadaro
The meeting was great! Thanks for connecting us! You're onto something really valuable and helpful. I'd love to connect with more target users through Syncy.
Mona Haraty  -  Founder of JoySchooler
I had a fantastic conversation surrounding my background and how to cultivate business growth through partnerships alongside a highly-curated network of peers. The conversation was rich and honest - on how to get as many 'small' wins as you can every single day. I hope to continue our  conversation and continue to be a sounding board for each other in the future.
Jim Bischofberger  -  Project Manager

Features that get you results

Transform how you do customer discovery. Brainstorm together, develop strategies and build a feedback funnel that guarantees product-market fit.

Live Conversations
Interview Templates
Searchable Profiles
Custom Sourcing
Notifications & Alerts
Satisfaction Guarantee
Secure Escrow Payments
Expert Target Users

Syncy integrates with all your favorite tools.

Frequently asked questions

What if I can't find time that works for me on the user's calendar?

Email for a full refund, or request alternative times.

How can I be sure to collect the right information from the call?

There are many great resources for how to best talk to users. Here are a few of our favorites:- The Mom Test by Rob Fitzpatrick- Interviewing Customers article from Founder Institute- How to Talk to Users video by YC Startup School

Can a founder also sign up as a user?

Absolutely! Apply to be a target user here.

What happens if the user does not show up for my call or provides unsatisfactory feedback?

Email for a full refund.

What if I am looking for target users who match specific criteria?

If you can't tell from the target user's profile that they are a good fit for you, go ahead and book the call and then send a few (short!) prescreening questions to make sure they meet your criteria. If not, get a full refund by emailing

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Tax-free commuter benefits
Paid parental leave up to 16 weeks
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