Influencer Marketing Simplified

No Kardashians. No spammers. Authentic relationships with quality influencers who have real audiences.

Our approach to influencer marketing

Easy. Economical. Effective.

First, we establish an authentic relationship between the brand and influencer. We arrange a videoconference so you meet the influencer and can evaluate whether they and their audience are a good fit for your brand.

Second, our method delivers the maximum value for the brand by simplifying the influencer marketing process. We do this by selecting influencers who have the strongest impact on their audience, cultivating relationships with these influencers to speed the contracting process, and deploying software to automate parts of the campaign management process.

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3. We arrange introductory meetings between you and target influencers appropriate for your brand.
4. Syncy executes the marketing campaign, providing content guidance, influencer management, and performance monitoring.

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The perfect package for every brand

We offer three tiers of influencer marketing packages, each of which includes end-to-end services for sourcing, managing, and evaluating influencers throughout the marketing campaign.


For brands looking to test influencer marketing on a limited budget


Our most popular offering, to reach a wider audience


For Brands looking to meet aggressive growth targets

Customized campaigns

We build a plan that is tailored to your brand identity, goals, and vision. Contact us for pricing details and to learn more.